> Breast implants are defective, will be replaced to cargo of the SSN

A wise decision of the minister of Health Renato Balduzzi has announced that to be refunded will not be only the women that have made the plant because of a cancer of the breast, but also the ones that have made an aesthetic choice.

As is known, the breast implant produced by the companyà the French Pips were produced by a gel non-compliant, and therefore put at risk the health of the woman, causing dangerous infections.

last month è been given to a census of the plants made, and the first data to tell the story of 3.802 reports. The ministry has forò been estimated that the cases could reach  4.525 if you consider the regions that still lack to the appeal (Molise, Piedmont, Campania, Basilicata, Sicily and Sardinia).

According to the data that is currently in possession of more than 50% of the plants were carried out in the North. Lombardy has in fact 1.230 insertion of breast implants carried out in 62 different structures.

The majority of the implants (74%), according to data reported by Balduzzi, have been inserted at hospitals, accredited private, or private. The remaining interventions were performed in outpatient clinics.

One of the breast implants, French Pip is a story that has dragged on for a few months and it is just in the news yesterday that the Aicpe, the association that brings together the aesthetic plastic surgeons, denuncerà the manufacturer.

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