> Oral hygiene, 6 italians out of 10 the neglect

The survey, conducted by Datanalysis and presented yesterday in Milan in collaboration with Professional Oral Health, Procter&Gamble, has interviewed 1000 people, età between 20 and 69 years of age, a representative sample of the Italian population.

of Course, it is possible to think that the initiative will be completed, also for advertising purposes, but the fact remains that having care of their oral health is the basis of prevention of many diseases.

There are researches that have linked periodontal disease with important systemic diseases such as heart disease, for example.

The fact is that the bacteria present in the cavità oral can get into the bloodstream and attack any organ.

Here, then, is that the good habits, such as the proper use of toothbrush, use of dental floss, the cleansing of the lingual surface should be part of everyday gestures.

But the health of the mouth necessarily passes through the bed of a dental hygienist.

According to the survey, if annually the 18% do you check one more time, only 20% do so two times a year. Only 40% of the respondents takes account of the dental hygienist as a point of reference for the health of your mouth.

27 February 2012

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