> Sugar, proposed Use: is a drug of abuse such as alcohol and should be taxed

L’obesityà is directly connected with the abuse of sugar, and the diseases linked to it are responsible for 35 million deaths a year in the world.

In large quantity; to increase the pressure and alters the hormonal balances and damage to the liver, just like thealcohol.

Claire Brindis, a researcher, has said that it is not enough to push for the change in eating habits, but you have to do interventions that involve the community; not only by improving information.

Raising taxes products that contain it, control access to foods with a high sugar content, to adopt strict rules on vending machines, shall not be considered to be a form of prohibition, says Laura Schmidt, another researcher, but a way to discourage the assumption, as in the countries in which you è introduced a tax on junk foods.

In Denmark and Hungary have introduced taxes on saturated fat, and in France about the sweet drinks, such as  the soft drinks, for instance, that can also contain modications of the amounts and categories of alcohol, but that contain mainly sugar.

it is worth to introduce measures of this kind? Of course, better than nothing. If you remember the campaigns against smoking in the cinema? “the gas chambers still exist, and you have to pay to enter”.

in The end, the ban won, and now it seems normal not to smoke in the cinema.

of Course if we continue to accept the advertising; in which the good mother: the housewife years 50 puts on the table instead of the water, a beverage with a high rate of sugar instead of ban it as harmful for people we’re not going anywhere (but at least, we know the number of people who do not drink water at the table, and replaced it with a sugary drink ? we understand how much is serious problem…).

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So let’s try to think what you could do, still. To encourage the distribution of snacks with reduced sugar content and slow absorption (for instance, low-gi (glycemic index) in vending machines.

to Support the food industries and supply bars and pizzerias products with a low content of carbohydrates. Cooking classes the responsibility of the public health service for citizens suffering from diabetes.

the Prizes to the cooks who invent a menu low in carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Then each of us will eat what he wants to, as già do it for alcohol and smoke, but it Was his part needs to do, which is to issue laws or work to change the culture.

Lisa Canitano

Page updated on 5 February, 2012