> Estrogen in baby food: the growing breasts to little girls, open inquiry

call telarca the first tick of the sketches breast, the one to the nine to ten years (sometimes even before) announces the pubertà lì little modificherà the body of the girls, turning them into girls.

Here we haveò  girls are tiny and the  the public Prosecutor of Turin has opened an investigation the responsibilityà baby food with meat.

investigators are following the hypothesis that the cattle from which the meat came from the food, and were powered with estrogen.

Recently, the Italian Federation of pediatricians doctors has published a brochure that says that the fruit and vegetables that we eat contains a lot of pesticides and, therefore, it is better to give the children a selection of homogenised products and not fresh.

The Motion Defense of the Citizen immediately said  that, behind this brochure lies «advertising; hidden aggressive and alarmist».

And also the paediatricians ofthe cultural Association pediatricians are appropriations, accusing the Fimp to echo an advertising campaign of a company producing food for children.

In the european Union since 2008, in fact, è in effect a regulation that reduces the residues of pesticides be thinking of adults, children, infants and vegetarians.

The pediatricians of the Acp states have, therefore, called on parents to give their children fresh, organic, zero-mile, and not necessarily processed food industry.

The President of Fimp Giuseppe Mele, which has forò insisted, has sent a letter to all members saying that the samples with residues of pesticides are currently 57%, and that, therefore, the use of industrial pet food is required, to protect the child.

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in Italy table raises the suspicion that it is a marchettona.

of Course, if the inquiry of Turin turns out to be that the cattle of the food, and are fed with hormones, some suspicion would be legitimate….

6 February 2012