> Family doctors, revoked the strike

On the other hand, the President of the Council knows well, this agency, as has been their consultant for the autoriforma presented last year.

Now the bank l paragraph 24 of article 24 of the maneuver is a bite hard to swallow for the pension fund privatized.

The request is that they bring the budgets into balance in a perspective of 50 years, but without the use of their assets, which amounted to a total of approximately 50 billion for all funds.

The vice president of Enpam, dr. olive Groves, in an interview, stressed that the problem is not è go from 30 to 50 years for the balance, but not be able to use the capital to pay the pensions between 20/25 years , at which time it will retire many doctors and there sarà need of liquidity factsà.

The government has, perhaps, fear that the institution is not we face? This is not è a commissioner, but also limits the freedom of action of the institution and olive Groves, and further emphasizes that the Body is perfectly able to meet its obligations .

Doctors of General Medicine, however, along with SUMAI (outpatient) and Fimp (pediatricians), have withdrawn the strike after a meeting with the Minister of Labour said in a statement.

the Secretary of The FIMMG Giacomo Milillo è satisfied with the Minister’s promise to evaluate the arguments of doctors, so as to withdraw the strike scheduled from 9 to 12 February, while declaring the unchanged state of agitation.

7 February 2012

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