> Cardiovascular risk, men inherit from the father

researchers at the Università of Leicester have discovered a responsibilityà genetics in cardiovascular diseases, and the genetic risk, highlighted in the y chromosome, the one that determines the birth of males, it would be così important to be considered independently of other risk factors such as high blood pressure or bad cholesterol.

The research has been completed on the genetic material of 3000 men of the United Kingdom.

Dr. Maciej Tomaszewski, a lecturer at the Department of cardiovascular Sciences, said that  the y chromosome is not; only the one that defines the sex, therefore, but also the one responsible for heart disease.

Also as a percentage of the genetic risk turns out to be important: men with this variant would have the 50% più of the possibilitiesà to have heart disease.

Being a genetic trait linked to the sex chromosome only affects men and is inherited from father to son.

One in five men is affected by this issue, and on the other hand, the coronary heart disease is a big killer in the Uk because 94.000 deaths a year.

The modeà of action would seem to involve the immune system and its response to infection and inflammation.

Recalling the più recent theories about the cardiovascular disease that have introduced a relation between chronic infections, such as paradontiti and coronary artery disease, the issue deserves a great deal of interest.

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