> Influence, 574 thousand italians to bed in the last week

children under 5 years are more affected, becauseé are not sufficiently competent, and have less memory immune adults, who have known so many influenza viruses have a variety of weapons, immune to their bow.

The elderly are more at risk, but do not live in the communityà, and then you sick less of the children.

The virus has not undergone major mutations and the più popular, the AH3N3, is in the vaccine, while the H1N1 vaccine and the strain B are present in a lesser extent.

The peak absolute è the state of 574mila Italian, with a surge between 30 January and 5 February

But the cold weather and  the snow of the next few days will not increase the sick?

is it possible that there is a queue, and also a resurgence, but this is normal and not dependent on adverse conditions of the time.

Dr. Rezza, in fact, says no, and makes the hypothesis that the closure of schools willà even reduce the number of cases of the disease.

point in fact, according to his words, not è that the cold reduces the immune system or prolong the life of the virus, but that forces people to stay together indoors, where the infection è più easy.

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