> Caesarean sections: if you make too many, and Balduzzi sends the Nas, but need?

the minister of Health, renato Balduzzi has ordered checks of the NAS to determine whether the use of the caesarean section in Italy is appropriate. The decision part by a report of the Agenas (national Agency for regional health services) who claims that in some regions the frequency of cesarean delivery è così high  to think that there is a use opportunistic.

The evaluation part from the fact that while the Friuli, virtuous, has a rate of 23%, the Campania region, the worst result Italian, with the exception praiseworthy of Castellammare di Stabia, in the department directed by Dr. Guarino, he has the unenviable record of 62%.

On the caesarean section there are international guidelines and national, the second part of the one of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, è was presented recently in Rome.

The Nas will be checking during which they will take the vision of medical records, and indications of the caesarean section.


in our opinion, To the point that it is not; sending from the Nas to check for. Exacerbate the climate and the controls do not need to women and you don’t need to health facilities.

What is needed is a redesign of the birth path all over the Country, for a history of the birth and raise the safety health and psychological through the transparency of the public assistance and a revolution in the relationship between Hospital and Territory.

If today the majority of women, even in the historical Region of Consultors, the Emilia-Romagna region, is followed privately by a hospital physician, that assures us of his personal assistance at the time of birth (and in the public services, not if they should feel the needà) è clear that it is not gives birth to più when è the time, of course, but when our doctor (and sometimes even our midwife) è guard, or according to other schedules that are not those of labor and childbirth.

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Force a birth must be made in pregnancies with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, growth retardation, rupture of the sac is prolonged. In this case, recourse to the caesarian section, sarà higher, but sarà prevented possible damage.

In pregnancies physiological instead, the patient and watchful waiting for the right moment, until the 42 week, and sometimes more, if the woman, properly informed, want, allows you to experience all those changes which are the prerequisite for a spontaneous delivery. This is the first thing.

Still, if the expectant mother is induced to travel continually by the caregivers to know when partorirà this generates a state of anxiety both for women and for the health, that hardly will allowà and a serene waiting.

we Must also strengthen delivery in the water,and other natural methods of pain reduction for those who wish, to provide epidural analgesia free of charge, on request of the woman.

we Must stimulate the supply of spontaneous delivery after cesarean, così frequent in Europe, and così rare in our country.

the Need to reduce the defensive medicine by strengthening the protocols at the load of health-care Companies. An example for all. The monitoring, that is; the recording of the foetal heartbeat before 40 weeks, in pregnancies physiological has been shown to not bring any improvement in the health of the child, but can; cause many c-sections unnecessary.

If the health-care Companies close this performance give a strong example. If the make available motivations smoky people are asking for it, the doctors require it, (I am a partner and so I must perché the fruit of the entry of the ticket, but is burdened from the ticket just becauseé not appropriate &it is evident that sarà always più request, always più performed, and will result; a growing number of c-sections unnecessary.

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Then the controls on organization, correctness of the paths to the birth, on business decisions and on the mission of birth. And not the police to comb through the medical records. There are the companies; scientific and trade associations, associations for the defense of natural childbirth.

All together, we can explain that.

Lisa Canitano

February 11, 2012

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