> The regional administrative court of Piedmont opens the consultors to the volunteers pro-life

In the mild, secular, austere Piedmont women you will meet persons who, at the cry of “defend life” will explain that the embryo is a human person, and are not and should not decide the fate.

With good peace of the public, always the guarantors of the acceptance and respect of women and as if they did not know the address of the parishes, if you ever want to talk with them about their choices.

the Only concession to the battle of the women the possibilityà, for the House of the women, of having its own volunteers who come in their turn in Clinics.

The House of the women commented that the complaint was made just becauseé the women were not subjected to unwarranted pressures, and ideological.

The PD and the Federation of the left are committed to be vigilant on how the Region putà into the act this law, becauseé women will not be subordinated to a movement of opinion, and Silvio Viale, the physician of the Hospital St. Anna, the protagonist of many battles on the interruption of pregnancy has advocated that operators be able to monitor becauseé the interview with the volunteers of the pro-life movement is not required but optional.

it remains only for us to remember that the Law 194/78 does not oblige any woman to ride in Clinics. If you do not want to speak with them, and if you are afraid of not being respected, remember that thecertificate può make a any graduate in medicine and surgery enabled to the profession, which you can trust.

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to him, or her, that you can, in all privacy, to tell about your doubts and your uncertainties. You don’t have to be a gynecologist, in the più absolute.

To avoid this halter you can do an ultrasound, even for a fee, and then find a doctor you trust. With the certificate you can ask for the intervention at the hospital and no one has più the right to ask you anything.

For what concerns the financial support that is promised to those who renounce to have an abortion you will seeà, but becauseé, whom the son wants him that bad they did not take it? And who forbids to those that the son wants to pretend to want to have an abortion and then pretend to be redeemed for take the support? and maybe really need it…

Ideology and populism, on the shoulders of women, those that want to stop the pregnancy, and those that want to bring forward.

If the doctor of your confidence you want to help, but it is not; practical to call the Life of the woman 3339856046, we explain how to fill in the certificate.

Lisa Canitano

February 11, 2012