> Pets are beneficial to the heart and extend the life of your

The style of life is a risk well known to the coronary arteries and mainly concerns its effect on the autonomic nervous system.

The purpose of the article was to understand if the have a pet to be altered from the activity; the autonomic nervous system and improve the survival of these patients, even apart from other problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia.

191 patients, of età between 69 and 80 years, were interviewed in order to know if you had pets. These subjects were studied for the heart rate and other parameters, both day and night.

From the data recorded is the result that the heart rate will change more frequently in subjects with a pet, rather than in the other,and their hearts are easily adapted to these changes.

actuallyà not è really clear whyé these individuals will survive to the più, we could hypothesize a reduction of the stress, or we could say that the emotion of tenderness that is watching your pet (cicci, fufi, nero, meo, 60% dogs, 33% cats, then birds and turtles) active substances of the nervous system that are good for your heart?

We may, therefore, try to say not only “you make me the pain in the heart” but also “you make me the well of the heart?”.

it is an encouraging message, we hope to learn moreù.

15 February 2012

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