> Glaucoma check-up free of the views and information 60 cityà

The international Agency for the prevention of cecità-IAPB Italia onlus has launched a campaign on the subject which provides a free check-up of the view, the measurement of the ocular pressure and the distribution of informative material.

The initiative, avrà place in many of the cityà in Italy fromfrom 11 to 17 march on the occasion of the world Week against glaucoma.

The IAPB Italy putà in the field of his special Unità mobile ophthalmic. Camper equipped with the necessary equipment with which the eye doctor willà to perform checks free of charge.

In total there are 60 of the cityà in italy who have joined the initiative, which in addition to the checks includes a number of informational meetings open to the public.

we Believe that it is an important initiative of awareness-raising perché often you become aware of glaucoma, only when you accuse the disorders. It is essential then to be informed to be able to prevent the disease.

although the mechanisms of development of glaucoma is still not everything is clear, the risk factors, however, if he knows how to più. The elevated eye pressure is one of these, such as age, ethnicity, and the vascular factors.

February 16, 2012

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