> Autism: the brain imaging, you canò diagnose even at 6 months

scientists have used a technique of brain imaging. It is functional magnetic resonance imaging that, by translating the metabolic changes due to the activitiesà of the brain, allows the processing of images of the brain, distinguishing the portions with different colors.

With this tool, therefore, scientists have detected clear differences in the brain development of children at high risk of autism. And this survey, it is stated in the research, può also be performed on young children as young as 6 months.

For Jason J. Wolff, who led the study, “this Is a very important discovery”. In fact, according to the scientist, the identification of a biomarker metabolic enables the early diagnosis of autism and the wide spectrum of disorders related to it.

The basic belief that guided the work of scholars is that that autism is not suddenly, but develops in children very slowly in the course of their childhood.

Here, then, is that the technique of brain imaging can help to understand the progression of the disease, an essential step to develop strategies useful to block the mechanisms of development.

In the course of the research were monitored 92 children – risk factors family, such as a brother affected by the disease – had high probability; ill.

Focusing the search about 15 fibre tracts in the brain distinct, are così identified clear differences between those who è then the sick and those who, instead, has not developed the disease. Wolff explained that “this Is a test essential from the diagnostic point of view”.

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Still not è arrived at certain conclusions on the causes of the disease, but the communityà, international scientific è instead, they united in considering autism as a disorder that affects brain function.

Normally, the affected person manifests the important issues of communication and social integration, and – considering the diversityà of the symptoms, both in type and intensity; – experts have recently adopted the definition of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Autism, the smog può be a factor that increases the risk

17 February 2012