> And you can be radiographed in 3D with low emission of radiation

this Is the first example in Italy, it’s called the Eos and is built by a companyà French that uses the technology of the spacecraft.

The machine allows you to be radiographed, the human body, producing three-dimensional images of the entire skeleton in standing position with a emission reduced by 90%, if compared to that of a Ct scan, and eight times when compared to traditional x-ray.

The tool offers important advantages, especially in investigations that are commonly carried out to study the diseases to load on the spine and musculo-skeletal.

Facilitates the task of the orthopedic and neurosurgeons because it highlights even small defects such as those of the posture, the hip, knee and joints in general.

All of usò translates into the ability to intervene with greater security and mini-invasive.

there is then the advantage that mainly concerns the young patients who have diseases of the vertebral column that require numerous and repeated radiographic investigations.

Luca Balzarini,  responsible for the unità operating of diagnostic radiology of Humanitas, explains that, for example, for children carriers of rocky, is necessary a constant monitoring which can be run by administering a reduced dose of radiation is important.

Also for the neurochirugo the machine is a major step forward. Maurizio Fornari, head of the Unità Operating of Neurosurgery, explains that “Thanks to the special software of which is provided with, the Eos can be used to study degenerative diseases of the spine and to trace the origins of the problem”.

17 February 2012

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