> Umberto I: a woman in a coma, tied to the bed, sanità del Lazio to collapse

The Senators Ignazio Marino and Domenico Gramazio have reported the case of a woman in a coma linked to  a stretcher for four days in the Emergency room of the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome, waiting for a bed.

it Is said that the patient was not in a coma, but affected by Alzheimer’s, and that same  performing an infusion administration, and for this, tied to the stretcher.

The Director of the DEA, Claudio Modini, said toò that happens often, because of the lack of beds in the wards.

Minister Balduzzi has the mandate of inspectors, that are collecting related elements.

What to say except that the linear cuts made by governor Powder are affossando definitively the public service?

were cut, the beds, and on this part we can also agree. Were closed, small hospitals, and even here if you can; discuss. A bad hospital is much, much worse than a good hospital più away, becauseé you lose time, if you’re serious, and then you have to be also transferred in a helicopter. And if you’re not serious you can be treated without hospitalization.

here, the magic word, “without shelter”. Many patients are admitted to hospital, or go to the Emergency room perché does not operate the Day Hospital, do not work with the urgent requests with Doctor CUP, that magic number that the doctors of the regional Health Service, all doctors, both General practitioners, called family Doctors, but  also those in hospitals, those of the clinics, they can use it to book a performance urgent. And urgent means within the week.

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And così as can book are obliged to reserve a part of their activitiesà for the demands of the Dr CUP. And who controls that all this is being done? Who takes care of the Agendas, which are records of the performance and how they work?

certainly Not Shame, that in these years has been busy doing the camper van to show to the citizens that he pulled them from the balcony, as the money to the poor, health benefits free no value, as these are dropped from any location, from any of the needà of real citizens.

Having arrogated the role of the Health councillor, knows, Polverini, how to sì that a citizen suspected of a tumor is likely to perform a CT scan in a matter of a few days? No he does not know, let the doctors put in the hands of the patients required terrible, saying “see a bit’ where c’is place.”

knows, Polverini, that while the public Health Service non può to replace the employees who retire and closes each day surgeries, diagnostic services, therapy, nursing homes and large hospitals  accredited, religious and not, without any control, the each day thousands and thousands of exams inappropriate that cost the Region millions, and millions, and that the public service would have been able to filter, reducing expenses, and giving a service that is much better for the citizens?

And that with all this money, the agreement, the accredited, classified, (all those that deliver the services the Region then reimburses) make investments in Tanzania, financing the systems of power and cordate election, buy luxury cars, and other facilities to continue to enrich themselves with the money of the collettività?

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which serves to refund hundreds of mris for back pain when is a good visit orthopedic would have indicated a physiotherapy right to heal, the più of the time without run for that exam?

And hundreds of mris of the knee in elderly patients with osteoarthritis, for which there is conceivable no course of treatment, but only of comfort?

But the citizens discovered that if the public hospital does not have più place to do nothing, the partner has clinics open on Sundays, sleeps free, Day Hospital available.

And don’t know which often all of those requests are confusing, do serve to make sì that an examination be a examination, and another examination, in a game of chinese boxes, which if all goes well does not lead to anything, but if it’s bad può bring even surgery as useless and harmful.

Or we già forgotten the Santa Rita?

to Strangle the public to give precedence to the private partner, as has been done in these days also from the ASL Roma D, which has contracted, including questions of regional councillors, the opposition and the protests of the citizens, all the cancer screening of the breast to a nursing home  partner ownedà of a large private group, without posing the problem of the controls of qualityà, means deal the last blow to the già in agony the public health service.

When sarà dead, citizens of Lazio will be forced to emigrate, in the hope that other Regions will assist with the careful eye to their needà and not to those of the regional health.

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Becauseé you do not know how, but in Regions where less is spent in the service is the best.  of Course, put your hands in the sanità del Lazio, you will be a lot of enemies, but in the end the citizens are più, and act in the interests of the strong powers to be defeated.

with the vote.

Lisa Canitano


emergency department St. Camillo of Rome, you take care of the patients lying on the ground

20 February 2012