> Alcohol consumption of the adolescents is influenced by the film

this was revealed by a search of “Dartmouth Medical School” New Hampshire (Usa) published in the British Medical Journal.

In fact, there are too many films, especially those of american cinema, in which the habit of the alcohol is performed as a style of life. Actors always with glass in hand in the pubs after work, ice cubes, strangely, always ready, to add to a glass of whisky.

And that annoying return to a house where most of the movie stars, manifested in the habit of heading to the fridge and open a can of beer.

According to the researchers, the guys who see the prevalence of this type of film have the double chanceà to start drinking.

The study has been completed involving 6.500 guys of età between 10 and 14 years.

Through the administration of some questionnaires is shown that for the majority of adolescents alcohol are freely available in the home.

in Addition, in the course of the two years of research, scholars have found that the incidence of teenagers who have started drinking alcohol è più than doubled, increasing from 11% to 25%.

the habit of binge drinking and on the rise, going from 4% to 13% and 20% of the boys interviewed said that is a way to have fun.

Then, and here we return to the subject of the film, the 28% of teens admitted to having started to drink becauseé is influenced by the viewing of a film in which actors lifted too much the elbow with the alcoholic beverages.

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scientists denounce a clear carelessness on the topic. On the consumption of cigarettes there is a good supervision and are prohibited commercials on tobacco, but as far as alcohol there is much to be done.

To the researchers, almost halfà of the films that come out from the factories of Hollywood contain a reference to alcohol, and even labels.

Why, you read in the research, “the results of The work should suggest the adoption for the alcohol of the same restrictions approved for smoking”

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21 February 2012