> Post partum depression: it also affects the fathers, the più at risk-the unemployed

To detect the phenomenon is a study conducted by NYU School and published in the Journal Maternal and Child Health.

Even if some of the data were identified in a previous study coordinated by Michael Weitzman, a professor of Pediatrics and of Environmental Medicine at the NYU School, the information was still scarce.

Now the study più recently confirms that the percentage of children with mental health problems is greater if you have had a parent affected by depressive symptoms after the birth of her son.

The research synthesis found that the 6% of the children who have had one of the two parents affected by depressive symptoms have manifested behavior disorders.

Weitzman has explained that the più the surprise is in having noted the phenomenon, “that is not è così surprising” but “no large-scale study had investigated this matter”.

For the researcher, the research data are especially important becauseé may be of help in identifying the fathers that they might fall into the post partum depression.

there is another important fact came out of the research, and that of the social condition related to  the risk of depression. The fathers that live in a condition of poverty; they have an increased risk of 1.5 times compared to the others.

Among the other factors that increase the risk are related to the health conditions of the child, if this needs to health care the incidence is greater than 1.4 times.

And still, the risk is 6.5 times più high if then the father lives, a working condition that includes the risk of unemployment. 5.75 if the wife has depressive symptoms.

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The post-natal depression or, better, the maternity blues

postpartum Depression symptoms and treatment

February 26, 2012