> She gives birth to twins after chemotherapy for breast cancer

Although breast cancer continues to be a neoplasia, very frequent in these years of survival, thanks to early diagnosis, and targeted therapies, is much improved.

sinceé è become a tumor frequent in younger women the problem of playback is very important.

due To the fact that the breast cancer è the più of the time a tumor is hormone dependent, had never been attempted ovarian stimulation, becauseé it was feared that the large amount; of hormones circulated by the ovaries would have increased the risk of disease recurrence.

The great noveltyà è so that you &is practiced on the stimulation of the ovaries, this woman who years ago had been operated of breast cancer.

After the treatment, wanted a son, but was pregnant,  for two years. Sinceé had been declared healed by the oncologists when he made a request to be admitted to the assisted reproductive technology Cby of the Saint Ursula has accepted, and now the lady, who lives in a village in the province of Bologna, is a happy mother of twins.

stimulation has been used to treat breast cancer, a drug that is used to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer, but also to stimulate ovulation, in the procedures of assisted fertilization.

Prevention of cancer

Lisa Canitano

February 26, 2012

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