> Influence, identified in the bats influenza virus type A

A fare la scoperta è stato Ruben Donis, responsabile della Molecular Virology and Vaccines Branch del Center for Disease Control and Prevention americana.

The interest in the news lies in the fact that, so far, the influenza virus had been identified only in pigs and in birds and some recognition has been made on horses, seals, dogs, and whales.

The bats, instead, you were interested in some of the Russian scientists, five years ago, without, however, find traces of the influenza virus.

Donis explained that, contrary to what many people think, the traces of the virus have not been discovered in all animals.

The  study published in Pnas, conducted by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta,  reported that on some bats  in Guatemala were found in infections from viruses of type A.

Of the 360 specimens were captured, three were carriers of the virus H1N1, although a different strain from the one that caused the pandemic of 2009.

The researchers explain that the specimens on which è was found  the virus belonged to a species of vegetarian, Sturnira lilium. You are of insects  and fruit and do not attack the people.

Nevertheless, stresses Donis, the possibilityà of the contagion you can’t be excluded. The scholars have also clarified that despite the presence of a difference from the types of virus are known, one found in bats is consistent with a genetic exchange with the human virus in the cells.”

28 February 2012

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