> Spray the nicotine, help to quit smoking

The news has been published on theEuropean Respiratory Journal. This is a study completed by researchers at the scandinavian of the Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen, denmark.

According to the researchers, who have compared the results produced by a spray placebo and one to nicotine, the latter doubles the chanceà to quit smoking.

The research involved 479 smokers. These 12 weeks have used the spray of nicotine and 14% of them stopped smoking after a year. Among those that have, however, used the spray placebo, only 6% reached the same target.

To the researchers, the secret lies  in the fact that the spray would act so più quick in coming in contact with the oral mucosa. Nicotine quickly enters the bloodstream by lowering così in  the desire to smoke.

compared with the other types of  therapy replacement nicotine (NRT), such as, for example, the “patch,” the scholars point out that the spray provides relief when it is affected by the withdrawal  and do not release it instead of constantly the substance in the body during the day.

In summary it is spray nicotine only when you feel the urge to light a cigarette.

We think that quitting smoking is the goal  is a priority for a smoker, any means or stratagem  può be useful, but willà and the determination to get a divorce from the cigarettes are still  conditions to be irreplaceable.

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Women and smoking

28 February 2012

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