> Tumors: falls mortalityà in Europe, but increases in women with lung cancer

Annals of Oncology has published the new estimates according to which in 2012, always in Europe, the cancer deaths will be 1.3 million. The estimates concerning Italy and about 180 thousand.

The lung cancer in Italy, &is; what is più victims with 33 thousand cases if it is pointed out that the overall rate of mortality,à è a decrease. Among women, breast cancer causes fewer deaths, but to compensate there is lung cancer, which, instead, is on the rise.

Eva Negri, of the Mario Negri Institute and one of the authors of the research, in explaining the Italian situation rattles the data: “In 2012, will have about 400 thousand cases, and 180 thousand deaths from cancer, 100 thousand men and 80 thousand women.”

To be more affected by cancer are the lungs, in 2012 the estimated 33 million deaths. Following the intestine (22 thousand), the breast (12 thousand), the pancreas (11 thousand), stomach (9 thousand), and prostate (8 thousand).

Women and smoking. If è true that the deaths are in general in decline, in women with the exception of lung cancer which shows a number of deaths in the new millennium. Carlo La Vecchia, head of the Department of epidemiology of the Mario Negri institute, explains that lung cancer in women continued to increase in most european Countries, reflecting the diffusion of cigarette smoking women in the last few decades”.

Cancer of the breast. C is the given positive both for Europe and for Italy, which has seen a decrease in the mortalityà of the 9%. Thereò you should, he explained The Old, the improvement of the therapies and “of mammography screening, which, in general, is restricted to women between the ages of 50 and 70 years of age”.

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1 march 2012