> The computer that reads your thoughts and converts them into actions, a help for people with Als

The tool is the result of the work of researchers from the Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCCS in Rome, coordinated by Febo Cincotti. The research contributed to the AriSLA Foundation for research on ALS, and AISLA, Italian Association for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

The prototype takes the name of ‘Brindisys’ and differs from the previous models because of its easy handling, easeà of use and maintenance.

The tool is composed of a headset with electrodes that will detect “thoughts” of the person, send them to a device of small size which interprets them and then pass them on a tablet running the commands.

The average time that elapses between the development of thought and its transformation in action is about 10 seconds.

The user, in addition to the reproduction of the voice, can; drive it with the thought, the power of electrical appliances such as turning on or off the light or change the channel on the television.

Febo Cincotti explained that the tool was created by the specific analysis of the needs of the person affected by the SLA. A disease with its progress, is to change the conditions of the person and its needs. To make usò the sick people themselves, or family members were involved to give their feedback on the system.

Cincotti warns, however, that the prototype is the result of a research project “experimental and must haveà to wait before that can be available for real use.”

For the moment, a group of patients is experiencing in the premises of the Fondazione IRCCS. To overcome this first clinical phase, willà be experienced directly in the homes of the sick, which will give then their suggestions for a later version of the device.

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