> Parkinson’s disease: a variant that depends on levels too high manganese

research has been accomplished by the team led by Antonio Federico, Director of the Unità operative Clinical and neurological diseases neurometaboliche of the Polyclinic Santa Maria le Scotte of Siena and researchers from the Università of Rotterdam.

A pair of brothers suffering from this disease, begins with tremors and minimal cognitive deficits, and that continues with rigidityà, difficultiesà to walk and the posture required of the body that becomes a real prison, has been designed in this regard.

Not only the levels of manganese are the results of the più high, but è been found a protein involved in the transport of mutated genetically, which could be responsible for the disease.

Additionally therapy to reduce this element with the result of decrease in symptoms in the patients studied.

studies on Parkinson’s that speak of a probable toxic origin are many, we recall, among all the hydrocarbon solvent, in paints and in some operations, which he regarded as categories at risk  the electricians, those who wash the clothes to dry (dry cleaning) and  the mechanical, carried out 11 years ago, and recently confirmed.

Or the one on the Helicobacter pylori that form the cholesterol of the body a toxic substance similar to that present in the seeds of a tropical plant whose ingestion causes a neurodegenerative disease.

Or the risk increase for those who drink well water contaminated by bacteria of the genus Streptomyces, which produce a substance that is neurotoxic.

At the moment there are no practical applications of these findings, and the therapy is always the one that causes the increase of dopamine in these patients, through the assumption of its precursor, levodopa, and the results are not yet optimal control of the disease.

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The death of dopaminergic neurons at the level of the midbrain is, in fact, responsible for the disease.

To read moreù on levodopa the beautiful book by Oliver Sacks “Awakenings” and the film that has been stretch remind us of the problems that there are with this drug, the high hopes of the cha has raised and its limits.

Lisa Canitano

C’è the link between pesticides and Parkinson’s disease

4 marzo 2012