> Coca-Cola and Pepsi change recipe, worth the notice of cancer risk on the cans

the United States is in force, the obligation to communicate to the consumer the cancer risk of food, thereò would have imposed to The Coca-Cola Company to insert the specific words of warning on the cans.

Così the company and race to the rescue and clarified that he asked the producers of caramel, suppliers of two giants of soft drinks, reduce the quantityà 4-MEI, of the dye used.

In his note The Coca-Cola Company has then stated that the product is always safe and that the sarà in the future.

The company has also clarified that the requested changes “will not have influence on the color and taste of Coca-Cola”.

The note, in the also to point out that the company will continueà rely on the “scientific evidence” certain ” for the safe keeping of the product,  ends with a further reassurance: “The commitment to the highest qualityà and safety of our great brands remains our priorityà absolute”.

The story comes from the pressure exerted by the association of protection of consumers, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, who has launched a petition addressed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so that" some of the dyes used in the production of Coca-Cola and Pepsi were banned.

The controversy that is ignited around the question did enter the field, the same FDA that has clarified that “it Is important to know that a person should drink over a thousand cans per day to reach the level of a carcinogen reported in the research”.

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March 2012