> The first birth in Italy thanks to the transplant, ovarian

The woman, 29-years-old, he had undergone a chemotherapy after a bone marrow transplant. Coming to the knowledge that the treatment would make them sterile, just to keep open the possibilityà of a maternityà, the lady had asked for, and got, eight years ago, that were taken of the ovarian tissue full of eggs.

In these years the woman is entering menopause and has been subjected to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) while  the fabric has been collected in liquid nitrogen until, in 2010, the new mother has expressed the desire to try the road of a pregnancy.

Così the ovarian tissue has been thawed and re-implanted with two operations  in laparoscopy. Today, the birth of the little girl.

The everything è was possible thanks to the teamwork between the team of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 1 of the Sant’anna hospital of Turin, guided by Clare Benedict, and the one who is in charge of the cryopreservation and recovery of fertilityà directed by Alberto Revelli, in addition to Gianluigi Marchino, who executed the interventions in the laparoscopy.

The process used is still in the experimental phase and at the moment, with regard to cases of this type, is the only one that allows for the possibilityà of pregnancy.

15 march 2012

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