> Brain tumor after 7 hours a day for 20 years mobile phone, Guariniello investigates

One day he started not to recognize people, and to have difficultyà in the lead to end the actions of the più common. The doctors diagnosed it as a glioblastoma, a brain tumor.

A type of tumor identified in 2011 by the Iarc, the international Agency for research against cancer, as a possible consequence of the electromagnetic fields of radio frequency.

The report comes to the prosecutor’s office of Turin, on the table of the prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello has opened an investigation and has prepared the appraisals necessary.

for years a debate on the possible damage from use of mobile and the case of the hauler is the first one that could relate to the intense use of the mobile phone with the brain tumor.

Precautions, recommendations, suggestions. To protect against possible damage went on the field the attention of the authoritiesà scientific national and international.

The Higher Council of the Sanità (Css) in Italy and the world Organization of the sanità (Who), in the absence of correlations established between mobile phone use and brain damage, you are limited to report a simple precaution to reduce the long-term use of a mobile phone without a headset or hands-free, especially in children.

Now Guariniello investigates to make clarity on this aspect, which also divides the community; international scientific. Types of cancer “suspects” are the glioma and acoustic neurinoma, which affect the functions of hearing and equilibrium.

The case of a transport operator turin could be the so-called “patient zero” and the prosecutor will tryà to ascertain the time of intense use of the mobile phone necessary to procure the disease.

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