> Baldness, identified the protein that blocks the growth of hair

The protein is called “Prostaglandin-D2 – PGD2” and è was found in quantity; significant in the bald areas of men and women with alopecia.

To do the discovery has been a group of researchers of the Università of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The results of the work, published in Science Translational Medicine, could give new hope to those who live the problem.

laboratory tests have shown that PGD2 inhibits hair growth. According to the researchers, coordinated by George Cotsarelis, it is possible to inhibit the action of the protein with lotions for local use.

Thereò you should re-enable the spontaneous growth of hair in those areas of the head affected by the alopecia.

suffering from baldness are mainly men (80%). But women are not immune, 35% of those in età fertile and 50% of those in menopause have the problem.

The team of Cotsarelis is very active in this research field. A year ago the discovery of stem cells to regenerate the hair, now that of the protein, which blocks the growth.

Now the next steps are the ones dedicated to identify the specific drugs that can block the activitiesà of PGD2.

What the researchers are doing is testing medications used for other indications and that may be useful for the purpose.

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22 march 2012

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