> Transplants: classical music in order to delay the rejection of the organ

The study, published in the Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, explains how the music, at least in mice, can affect the immune system-reducing organ rejection after a transplant of the heart.

if not è still including the relationship between the brain and the immune system, the music is still used to reduce anxiety after a heart attack or to lower the nausea or the pain suffered as a result of a bone marrow transplant. Just to give some examples.

Masanori Niimi of Teikyo University, research coordinator, explained that “it Seems that the music affects really the immune system, although the mechanism underlying this process is not è yet clear”.

intuition is supported by some evidence, is that the music in any way affect the parasympathetic nervous system, what regulates the functions and the involuntary reactions of the body.

from this, the japanese scholars have studied the influence of music on the time of survival after a heart transplant in mice, trying to understand the genre of music più effective.

The data reported that the opera and classical are able to lengthen the time of rejection, while the genre new age seems to produce no effect.

24 march 2012

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