> Painkillers and other drugs raise the risk of hypertension

In this case, the news is not so much in the side effect of the medication, but in the fact that sometimes both physicians and patients are not informed.

The study points out, has been published in the American Journal of Medicine, and illustrates the results of the research conducted by Tel Aviv University of Medicine.

At the center of the attention, there are only painkillers as widespread as theibuprofen, but the antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, oral contraceptives, some antibiotics, and various other analgesics.

The data say that they can cause hypertension and that very often the physician and the patient are misinformed even if, supports Ehud Grossman, who coordinated the study, it is well known that the increase of pressure in between the side effects of some of these drugs.

The problem, according to Grossman, is that health professionals do not always assess this risk and do not inform the patients, “but it is up to the doctor to consider the methodology of care più appropriate”, says the scientist, who adds: “not knowledgeable enough”.


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25 march 2012

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