> Massage the teeth with finger and toothpaste increases the protection from caries

recent research has been published in the journal Acta Dental Scandinavia, and reports the work carried out by the Academy of Sahlgrenska University in Gothenburg.

According to Anna Nordstrom, coordinator of the study, after lunch is good even if “you rub the toothpaste with a finger.” In fact, it would be just as effective as a toothbrush, but be careful, the toothpaste must contain an “amount; of fluoride, three times exceed the standard”.

The researcher, in Swedish, however, has explained that the “finger” is in addition to the normal use of the toothbrush, always be used in the morning and evening with a fluoride toothpaste.

The search took place after the market launch, which occurred 8 years ago, of a paste dentifricia containing an amount three times superior to that of normal toothpastes. A product mainly aimed at people particularly susceptible to dental caries.

Così, with the aim to detect the actual effectiveness of the toothpaste, scholars are not put in motion. Published data report that “those who used the toothpaste enhanced have had a quadruple protection than those who used the toothpaste standard two times a day.”

But the researchers add that, più or less, the same result has been reached even by using the normal toothpaste.

In summary, the conclusion is that the massage with the finger, after lunch, in addition to the normal toothbrush twice a day “allows you to keep the più long-fluoride on the plaque of the teeth”.

Diet, dental caries and health of the teeth. What do you do?

dental Caries and dental care for good health of the mouth

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26 march 2012