> Patch electronic the electrocardiogram wireless

The appearance is similar to the skin, in fact the patch is also been named “skin electronics”, is applied on the arms and, among the expected benefits, permità to reduce time of treatment or monitoring for elettroencefalogrammi, electrocardiograms and elettromiografie that today you are usually in hospitals or medical offices.

The patch has been submitted in the course of the Exposition the American Chemical Society (ACS), and developed  by researchers from the Università of Illinois, coordinated by John Rogers.

In its practical application, the patch will allowà to monitor the functions of the muscular and the heart, but also to check the health of the brain.

Besides the device, not just a pickà information, but willà also be used to stimulate the muscles in order to assist in “the rehabilitation after an accident or long periods of bed rest,” explained Rogers.

All of usò willà to overcome “the needà to remain bound to the machines of medical studies or to stay confined in the room of a hospital for the hours of treatment or monitoring”.

Rogers has also added that with the improvement of the functionalityà Wi-Fi, you willà to send information from the device directly to the doctor using a mobile phone.

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March 2012

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