> When you are too sat the life è più short

According to the study stand which helps you to stay healthy. The work, carried out by a group of australian researchers at the Università of Sidney, has been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study is limited to detect the association between time spent sitting and the risk of death, withoutò to investigate the possible cause-effect relationships.

The research involved more than 220 thousand people with an age average of 45 years. The analysis of their data has allowed us to detect a high risk of mortality,à between those that pass every day, about 11 hours sitting at a desk.

those Who use the chair between 8 and 11 hours daily sees lower its risk, which stood at around 15%, which are the probabilityà in più of dying in the next 3 years than those who sit less than 4 hours per day.

Van Der Ploeg, who led the research, said the data makes it clear that “‘In the last few years have been collected a lot of evidence on the harmful effects of prolonged sitting”.

This last work, emphasized the researcher, assumes its relevance for the high number of participants in the survey and also becauseé, unlike other search”, and is the first to consider the total time spent sitting”.

28 march 2012

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