> Alcohol and breast cancer, a glass a day increases by 5% in the risk of cancer

The increased risk for può to even get to 40/50% if the consumption is high, that is; 3 glasses and più per day.

revision, è was completed by the team of the Institute of Pharmacological Research “Mario Negri”, coordinated by Carlo La Vecchia, from Vincenzo Bagnardi of the Università di Milano Bicocca and by Helmut K. Seitz of the Università di Heidelberg.

In the course of the work were taken into account both the epidemiological data that the mechanisms of mammary carcinogenesis by alcohol.

In the North of Europe and North America it is estimated that the alcohol is for the 5% the cause of all the cancers of the breast. In Countries where alcohol consumption is common among women (as in Italy and France), the percentage rises to 10%.

Claudio Pelucchi of the Mario Negri institute, explained in the course of the review are included “113 articles that have provided data on breast cancer in bevitrici moderate, for a total of 44.552 cases not bevitrici  77.539 in bevitrici light”.

Then, on these data, has made it clear Cloth, were made to the estimates on the increased risk of breast cancer.

Carlo La Vecchia commented on the work by explaining that there is a diversityà “between cancer of the breast, and glial cancers that are associated with the consumption of alcohol, becauseé even small doses may increase the  risk.

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Marzo 2012

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