> The heart, the questions of a gynecologist protects women’s health

The women often are sottotrattate or are unaware of the risk factors for heart diseases, which are the main cause of death for women in the United States.

Also, the number of deaths related to the heart in women between 35 and 44 years old increases by one percentage point per year, according to the researchers.

The women take care of their breasts, and they do the mammogram, and of their bones with the test of densityà, but they often forget their hearts, said Dr. Roxana Mehran, Director of the center for cardiovascular research and surgery at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and leader of the research team.

Many women are unaware of the risk factors and cardiac, and these results have been presented in a scientific session held by the American College of Cardiology in Chicago.

The program è was carried out in the departments of obstetrics and gynaecology, and in 10 medical centers, have been subjected to screening 2.234 women with a età mean, 53 years old, for the risk of cardiovascular disease or the disease itself.

The patients compiled a brief history on the factors of cardiovascular risk, including the family history, and details about the symptoms that could have had the experience.

The researchers found cardiovascular risk factors in over two-thirds of women-owned subsidiaries. In 40% of them had symptoms of moderate fatigue to severe pain in the chest.

Dr. Mehran says that a simple cardiovascular assessment in the outpatient clinics of obstetrics and gynaecology may increase the prevention of heart disease in women and educate about the prevention.

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The costs are low and the time required for può be only two or three minutes, for a great opportunityà. 20% of these women considers the gynecologist as the primary source of your health, and approximately 20% was not aware of their pressure levels or glucose.

40% had never had a test for the cholesterol. After screening a quarter of the women, è went to the doctor of medicine venerale or at a cardiologist or an endocrinologist for further evaluation.

The next step for the Dr. ssa Mehran è to be able to include samples of women of socio-economic groups disadvantaged

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1 aprile 2012

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