> Avian, è finished the secret on the supervirus

The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity of the United States had in fact asked the two journals, previously, not to publish in full  details of the scholars at the Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands and a center for american research.

This ban had conjured scenarios that remind us of the Shadow of the scorpion the book by Stephen King in which the humanity; it is destroyed by a flu virus unstoppable, and lethal was released by mistake in a laboratory by an operator who is ill.

Ron Fouchier, the virologist leading the team of researchers, has già indicated this virus as very dangerous for the man, both to the aggressività that for the easeà transmission.

Now, after scientists have given explanations on their work that there is to know (you can notò to do with the laboratory of small biochemical virus? need something, however, does not reveal or that you can notò have? chissà) the Washington Post says that the committee for biosecurity, has given his assent.

The data will therefore be published without the Spectre, therefore, to attempt the conquest of the world, and without James Bond there salverà at the last moment by the containers full of viruses ready to infettarci.

we Hope.

Lisa Canitano

Avian, Nature published the recipe of the supervirus lethal

1 aprile 2012

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