> The risk of depression increases by eating food fast food

Then in the game there is also the mental health. Is what emerges from a study performed by Spanish researchers of the Università Las Palmas and Granada. The research, published in Public Health Nutrition, reports that satisfy their desire by consuming this kind of food increases up to 51% the risk of a depression.

The study involved about six months of observation 8.964 people and has tried to shed light on the relationship between the style of food, type of food and mental health.

To finish on the bench of the accused are not only French fries, hamburgers and hot-dogs but also all those baked goods such as snacks, ready-made industrial production.

The Spanish study, in fact, confirms the results of another research published in the journal PloS, which had accounted for around 40% are most at risk of depression.

Then the effect on mental health, produced by the so-called junk foods is confirmed. And it seems obvious the existence of a relation of the dose-response, cioè più you consume foods fast-food, and the greater is the risk.

In their work, the researchers have also outlined a profile of those who most favours the consumption of food fast-food. According to the researchers to be più seduced by a handsome hamburger full of unsaturated fats is single, does not make the activity; the physical, eat few vegetables, fruits or fish.

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