> A diet with the 3D glasses, magnify the food and make you lose weight

A group of researchers of the Università Tokyo has developed a solution to lose weight, that zoom in on the food that you eat.

through a pair of lenses from the magical powers that have the characteristic of increase of the volume of the food that we have in the pot.

The device, developed by the team coordinated by professor Michitaka Hirose is composed of a pair of glasses connected to a camera.

Così as we take with his hands a normal, sweet, this, increases the volume up to a maximum of 1.5 times, but our bignè può also be reduced in size thanks to a computer that processes the image and sends it to the lens.

really Works? It would seem sì.

The sunglasses are, in fact, been tested on 12 subjects, and the researchers report that, thanks to the enlargement, the cookies eaten are decreased 9.3% perché the volunteers felt a sense of sazietà.

To test is then proceeded with the test without the magic glasses and the consumption of cookies is increased by 15%.

And’ the case to say that even the eye wants its part.




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4 aprile 2012

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