> Tai Chi, the heart and muscles of the elderly benefit from them

The study has been published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, and refers to the observation performed on  69 volunteers with age greater than 60 years.

29 of these were practising the Tai Chi  and presented a greater physical fitness with a muscle tone that is better than those that the discipline is not practiced.

William Tsang, the coordinator of the study, explained the whyé these benefits results claim that the typical movements of Tai Chi are a “combination of aerobic training, stretching, mental concentration and meditation.”

The study has its own magicà è the first to put in relation the practice of this traditional discipline with the arterial compliance.

the participants of The study were followed for three years, who has practiced in the gym, Tai Chi  he did it for an hour and a half a week, and the beneficial results of this exercise do not leave space to doubts.

in Short, it’s worth a try (feel your doctor first, at the bottom of this is an activityà zero-cost that can be practiced when you want to at home or in a public park.

5 aprile 2012

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