> Ovarian cancer, the risk increases with the height of the women

Valerie Beral of the Unità of Epidemiology, who led the research, said that the work has examined 47 different epidemiological studies, and that the data refers to 14 different countries  25 thousand women affected by ovarian cancer and 80 thousand healthy.

The Beral commented on the findings that it is “Putting together the evidence collected at the global level, the risk linked to height, it appears to be clear”.

Even if in absolute terms the difference is slight,” said Paul Pharoah, epidemiologist at the Università di Cambridge, comparing a woman to 1 meter and 52 centimeters in stature, with another high instead of 1 metre and 67, the latter has a risk increased by 23%, which is almost a quarter.

According to the researchers, the link between height and cancer of the ovary, detected by the search, it might depend on the levels of growth hormone, the greater number of cells or to the increased speedà with which they breed”.

experts also point out that it is not; only the height to have a role in this disease, but also obesityà è among the risk factors.

and Then è important to keep within the limits your body mass index through the use of a proper lifestyle that involves regular exercise, in addition to a healthy diet.


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5 aprile 2012

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