> The who: live più long, increase the life and health risks

In 1950, there were in the world 14 million over, and in 2050 there will be 400 million. of Course, life è più long (and più easy) in high-income countries and the sarà again for years.

to Eat under the demand that food is often not very nutritious, or bad qualityà, just think of the grain stored for years to cope with the drought; and, with the formation of dangerous mold that are carcinogenic, is bad, very bad.

Working hours and hours in the fields, until the ” età, where you should do passeggiatine relaxing or tai chi in a park it is very bad.

But it hurts also if you smoke, drink spirits,eat too much fat, which are cheap, and too many carbohydrates, that cost very little.

fresh Salmon, blue fish, vegetables well cooked, not a lot of salt and skilful use of spices, fresh fruit, the cornerstones of the healthy diet become more and moreù difficult for elderly people living alone, often in poor and depressed, that as we have read recently, eat at the Happy hour together with the boys, to save money and feel a bit of life around.

The document WHO, in fact, speaks of hypertension is not cured, stress, psychological problems and, as a c is to be expected, of falls each year for those over 65, between 28 and 35% and for people over 70 up to 42%.

Never as in this case, forò to prevent is better than cure. The fifty year olds of today will be the elders of tomorrow, and then must begin to prepare for the future. It’s fine to be old boys, and rogues if they are male, panthers (a name in the jargon of the adult women who accompany the kids), if they are women, but is this età that we must, absolutely stop smoking, even if the first is and better; and you need to review your diet, (we must say that the japanese have an aging population in good health?).

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Little processed meat (salami, sausages, paté), little red meat, very little alcohol, better nothing, if you può.

Movement, movement, movement. If a girl or a boy of 22 years can be amusing a year on the couch, meditating on the future, an adult, not if he can; to allow.

And if we can not più to make our beloved sport, tennis elbow, jogging becauseé it makes us come back pain, a basketball court becauseé it shatters the head of the femur, water polo becauseé ansimiamo too, convert is the word order.

belly Dancing, pilates, oriental disciplines, to walk quickly instead of running,the gym, at our own pace. Bring the heart rate to 100/120, not più, for thirty/forty minutes a day.

And from the last hunt tirelessly for the good mood, solidarityà, patience, and communication with others.

unilateral, such as disarmament.

Lisa Canitano

9 aprile 2012