> The Dna of macaques identifies the leader, the high-ranking improves the health

being Able to improve your ranking to act in a way così powerful to cause a change in Dna, with health benefits.

According to the study, females of macaque known as the Rhesus monkeys, rising in the social scale, improve the immune system  thanks to some changes that they produce on some of the genes deputies to the defence of the organism.

The interesting è was completed by a team of researchers coordinated by Jenny Tung of the Università Chicago.

The interest for the study lies in the fact that one can identify the social position of the monkey reading his Dna, revealing così a correlation between the estimated and the activity; genetics of the animal refers just to the genes that are sensitive to social position.

Through this study, the researchers developed a methodology that can identify, with a

precision close to 80%, the social level of a monkey within his group.

“our studio – explains Tung – glimpse of the possibilityà that, if you improve the social position, and also the health can; benefit”.

The working methodology adopted by the researchers is to create new groups of monkeys moving, then the

within them, and modifying così composition.

the observation of The dynamics of the group has lead so; to the conclusion that, depending on the order of entry into a new group, each female changed rank with respect to the starting location.

subsequent observations have allowed to detect that the loss of

status for females was associated with a negative change of the activityà of the immune system, as well as manifestations of stress.

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go Up one step, however, produced the opposite effect and beneficial to health.

10 aprile 2012