> Spray the oxytocin, the hormone that awakens the virilità

The news è been published in the scientific journal the Journal of Sexual Medicine, and illustrates the work of a team of researchers in california who have prescribed a patient a nasal spray containing oxytocin.

The man, married with three children, he had started to suffer from behavioral disorders due to a deficiency of attention. Social phobia and difficultyà to lead a normal social life, a condition that update on family life including the relationship with his wife.

After you’ve tried the traditional therapies, researchers have given man the spray that is inhaled twice a day. With the treatment, health professionals have reported a general improvement of the patient is mainly characterized by a surprising increase in libido.

The secret of the spray lies in its active ingredient, oxytocin. It is a hormone secreted by the molecule, which is often used for its characteristic of stimulating the contractions of the smooth muscles of the uterus, to induce the birth.

Some experiments on animals have demonstrated the important role played by oxytocin during mating, and the development of a relationship loving with the children.

then There are studies più recent detected as oxytocin has a correlation with the behavior of empathy, of understanding and acceptance of the other’s state of mind.

oxytocin is also referred to as the trust hormone becauseé would be the basis of behaviour

characterized by friendlinessà and availabilityà. It would, in other words, a biological agent of falling in love.

10 aprile 2012

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