> X-rays of the teeth, the frequency raises the risk of brain tumor

In summary, this is the conclusion of a study published in Cancer and led by researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, led by Elizabeth Claus.

The scientist explained that, despite the x-rays to the teeth, are indispensable in many cases, “the data suggest that it is best to make use of it moderately in order not to affect the health of patients”.

The researchers examined 1.433 clinical records of patients with a età which ranged from 20 to 79 years and for a period of about 5 years. Among these, those that said they performed an x-ray every

the year (or more frequently), have reported a higher probability; of developing meningiomas 1.4 to 1.9 times.

The increased risk has been also detected in relation to the x-ray two-dimensional of the dental arches (panorex) taken with annual or greater frequency. Research participants who reported having carried out this type of tests più times in a period of 10 years have reported an increased risk of 4.9-fold of developing a meningioma.

The study reports, however, that, with respect to the past, “patients who control their teeth are exposed to low doses of radiation”. But the researchers explain that the research data should, in any case, to suggest a reflection on the use of the più moderate of radiographic investigations, maybe thinned in time.

These are the recommendations of the experts: “for children, and an x-ray at least every two years, for the kids one every 3 years and for adults every 2-3 years.”

11 aprile 2012

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