> Diets difficult lose weight with less fat and more movement

scholars have compared the various types of weight loss diets in addition to other systems that are used for weight loss. And the data that were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and appear to be comforting.

in Fact, è was examined a sample of about 4000 volunteers, all obese, and 40% of these è managed to lose 5% of body weight in a year.

The coordinator of the work, Jacinda Nicklas, explained that among the systems compared to the più effective lies in the “eat less fat, and to perform regular activities; physical”.

The researcher defines a system that is “less complicated” which, according to the data provides the best results compared to all other systems as “popular diets or fashion, liquid diets, diet pills, and diet products”.

Also a good diet program that is structured, but assisted by a dietician, offers good results.

Nicklas says that the reduction will be 5% of the weight is a good result becauseé “results in a significant improvement of health conditions”.

In summary, enough with the diets so difficult and complicated, also becauseé, according to the researcher, the best way to lose weight è “also più economic and within the reach of all”.

you can do is try, but be careful, it is important to always ask first the advice of a medical expert.

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11 aprile 2012

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