> Pill of the 5 days after, attack of the parliamentarians of the catholics: “abortion”

Are 85 parliamentary association “intergroup of the value of life”. Cut across all the political groups and in the document presented to the press today, even if signed so far only four mps (source: free.en) Stefano De Lillo of the Pdl, ask Balduzzi if this is not the case of “suspend marketing of the drug, Ellaone – in making the endometrium inhospitable to implantation of conception appears to act through a mechanism of post-conceptional anti-nesting that is compatible with the Italian legislation”.

This, in short, is the news. The parliamentarians say that the pill of the 5 days after è anti-annidante, that is; it prevents the fertilized egg to attach to the wall of the uterus in the week that follows conception.

The pharmaceutical company for its part has già made it out of scientific papers that say that inhibits ovulation and therefore not  is it possible that it is an anti-annidante. In this debate it is forgotten that to the Italian law, and medicine, a non-nesting is not; an abortion.

you forget that it is possible to insert the spiral within seven days of a report at risk of unwanted pregnancy, just with the intention of anti-annidante, normally, in all of our services.

you forget that the spiral può to have an anti-annidante  normally, in all the five years in which you use it, and that is why the jehovah’s witnesses and gynecologists, catholics do not insert it.

Or do we want to prohibit even the spiral? And sex pre-marriage? And what else we want to prohibit in this Country now in disarray, of the complication, which proved to have a Ferrari and be often much more interested in Mammon than God? Divorce, for example?

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Then, the là of the controversies in scientific, it should be reiterated that religions are able to control only who believes it.

If the catholics do not want to take emergency contraception, or do not wish to place the spiral or do not want to have an abortion (which, in a Country with a catholic majority, being that if you make it to 140,000 a year for many years, probably it happens, and not infrequently) they do not.

If the muslims do not want to do the amniocentesis becauseé refuse to have an abortion to do as well. Anyone who professes a religion that prevents him from doing whatever he did, or did not do it.

But stop trying to affect the rest of the population with their bans. Otherwise we’ll have to do a new risorgimento. Or perhaps it touches us in anyway.

Lisa Canitano

the Life of the Woman Onlus

12 aprile 2012