> Alcohol: binge drinking among young people, and the risk is minor , but in addition to talk?

To worry about are the data disseminated in the course of the Alcohol Prevention Day by the National Observatory on Alcohol-CNESPS of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

The binge drinking  è to drink a lot and in a short time, and the data are worrisome, also becauseé the phenomenon is growing among young people without excluding the children.

To many it seems almost a life style, socialize at concerts or during a sporting event or in a nightclub,  goes through a increased risk of alcohol consumption produced by the culture that leads to drink until you get to the intoxication. The phenomenon affects a population that ranges from 11 to 25 years.

According to the data of the Iss are 1 million and 300 thousand young people, boys and girls, they drink  in order to put their health at risk.  Consume alcohol sporadically, or on an occasional or every day, but always to put themselves at risk.

This is a summary of the news, but let’s do some reflections.

Italy is, together with Norway, the Country  which consumes less alcohol in Europe. Certainly, in Europe, in general, we consume too much alcohol, but not only in Europe.

alcohol is a toxic substance that we extract from the rotten fruit, and that alters our perceptions of the nerve, and  that must be disposed of by the liver, which it is always the aggressive effect, so è true that the transaminase, enzymes that are normally found inside the cells, the day after drinking alcohol, even a little, are altered.

young people drink, sure, but also adults. Drink the women, despite out ever-new scientific papers that say that they are più exposed, becauseé the metabolize worse, and becauseé increases the risk of tumors.

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Drink the pregnant women, so as to have unleashed a campaign of shock in the Veneto, with a picture of an embryo to soak in a glass of Spritz, entitled “mamma beve, bimbo beve” that had the objective of reducing the instances of  infants of low weight.

Then the young people drink, sure, but the là of the effect the scandal of the news, which brings us only to shake his head on the youthù today, does anyone want to try to reduce really consumption of alcohol in this Country?

Lisa Canitano

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15 aprile 2012