> Positive thinking reduces heart risks

Are the conclusions of a recent research published in the Psychological Bulletin. The scholars of the Harvard School of Public Health have put together  data of about 200 jobs già are published and disseminated.

The result should push us all to “think positive”. Suffice it to say that, by comparing a group of subjects – all with the same risk factors for heart disease (obesityà, smoke, etc) – those più optimistic has a risk factor equal to the metà compared to the pessimists.

Then the study reveals how important it is to field these “psychological resources” to protect the heart.

The researchers have investigated also on the perché the positive thinking positively affects the health conditions. Here is the answer: those who see life with optimism è più led to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep right, practice the activity; the physical and adopt a diet more healthy and regular.

then, If we take into consideration that a good mood has a positive influence on blood pressure and keeping it in the correct values, you canò say that those who always sees the glass half full not suffer from hypertension and not è obese. All of which can raise the risk of stroke or heart attack.

The originalà of the study lies in the fact that so far the attention of researchers is focused on the effects  of being negative. There are many studies that have investigated

on the negative consequences that the approach of a pessimist, and a bad mood have on health.

Now the two researchers, Bohem and Kubzansky, that have pulled on the findings of the 200 studies, provide a definitive demonstration explaining that if other research will be in the same

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in the direction of, “this avrà strong implications for the design of strategies for prevention and intervention”.

18 aprile 2012