> Hair transplants, adult stem to regrow your hair

The news comes from a japanese research completed at the Tokyo University of Science. The results augur well and will improve probably the mood of those who, after losing the hair, think you have little hope in seeing them grow.

The data reported in the study were published online in the journal Nature Communications.

look out forò, the work has been carried out on mice, even if the obtained results allow an optimistic attitude.

The group of bioengineers japanese, led by Takashi Tsuji, worked on of mice without hair using hair follicles from stem cells implanted on the skin of an animal.

the hair of The mice have begun to grow, but not only. As is usually the case for hair, the researchers were able to observe that the old hairs have fallen of the mice were replaced by new ones, istaurandosi così a normal process of regrowth.

The technique used by the scientists to the door with sé another advantage. The bulbs obtained were cultured with stem cells, già adult and not, as normally occurs, with cells extracted from embryos.

Tsuji has già announced that the next step in the research will be to undertake a clinical study on humans. For the scientist, the results of the research demonstrated that the transplantation of hair bulbs obtained with this technique can do to resume the process of growth of the hairs and of the hair.

The potential to performà of the work done by japanese researchers have not only stopped the hair growth but, spiegaTsuji, “the creation of organs bioengenirizzati replacement using adult somatic stem cells”.

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all that remains is to wait.

19 aprile 2012