> 220 drugs tier C sold outside of pharmacies, or in supermarkets

this drug is band C, that is, products that can be sold without the presentation of a medical prescription and are not refundable by the national health service, so it is totally borne by the citizens.

The minister of Health, Renato Balduzzi, has signed the so-called “delisting”, the new list of medicines that you will also be able to purchase non-pharmacy.

this products to fight herpes, genital infections, eye drops, ointments containing of anti-inflammatory agents.

medications as the drug, the injectable, and those for the endocrine system and all the others for which require prescription from a doctor as “unique and not repeatable” and will instead only found at the pharmacy.

The medicines such as the contraceptive pill or antidepressants will be dispensed in the pharmacy only on presentation of a prescription even if the prescription white.

One of the drugs of band C is a market that is rather greedy that run to about € 3 billion each year. Not surprisingly, the decree approved by the government had turned on the controversy on the part of the owners of the pharmacies.

The concern is that diverted a share of the market in favour of large-scale distribution and pharmaceuticals. On the contrary, the holders of the latter claim still for authorisation to sell medicines that include the recipe and that they are to cargo of the Ssn.

The reason is simple, to dispense medication is always a pharmacist, whether the sale occurs in the pharmacy or in the supermarket.

The list of the medicines affected by the measure will be available on the website of the ministry and, in any case, sarà published in the Official Gazette.

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19 aprile 2012