> Alzheimer’s disease, to remain in the activity; lowers the risk

Caution, not panic, it’s not exhausting sessions of activitiesà physics in which we toil and we sweat. Mer to keep active, according to the study, è sufficient to do the normal daily things.

Già to go shopping può be good, be cleaning house or gardening, strolling, and whyé not even to cook or cultivate a hobby.

In a few words the rule and be active always.

These are the indications that come from the study of researchers from the united states that have involved 716 older adults, età average around 82 years, which are monitored on a daily basis in their activitiesà.

The researchers used a device called Actigraph, which is applied to the wrist of the non-dominant hand, i.e. the one you use less, for 10 days.

The study says the participants were followed for about three and a half years. During monitoring, the device has measured the levels of business activity; and are not activitiesà, in addition, the volunteers completed a questionnaire, which indicated the activity and, where necessary, carried out.

In the course of the three years in the middle, to check the abilityà the cognitive subjects, the latter have been subjected to annual testing.

in The period of consideration of the 71 participants have contracted the disease of Alzheimer’s. In essence, the risk detected in people who were below the 10% of activitiesà carried out &is from 2.3 to 2.8 times higher.

The test data and the conclusions were published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Aron S. Buchman, coordinator of the research, summarized the findings by stating that among the volunteers who devoted themselves to the activitiesà daily had a important reduction of cognitive impairment.

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Buchman explained that the results reveal that “all the activitiesà physical, including exercise, così as the other activities; such as cooking, washing the dishes and cleaning are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease”.

In essence, the watchword is “keep active”. This is activity; that require low physical effort, easy to perform and that do not produce side effects. Can then be practiced at any age, even by those who is very advanced in years. This, said Buchman, “potentially can avoid Alzheimer’s”.

Alzheimer’s disease, the signals can be observed in età youth

20 aprile 2012