> Health: with the crisis, italians are worse, more obese, and depressed

The photograph of the italians who emerges from the Relationship Osservasalute 2011 is a concern. The health is at risk, and it seems that the main reason for residing in this climate of economic crisis that  this depresses not only the mood  but also the expenditure of the family for  a few money.

The first victims of the cuts are qualityà of the power and activitiesà sports. Fruits and vegetables are a luxury good and they do a decline of the daily consumption, compared to 2005, from 5.7% to 4.8%.

The data will tell you that c’è più vegetables in the canteens and in the home, and that families at risk of poverty; one out of four.


One of the italians, despite everything, is still good, also becauseé the mediterranean diet is yet to feel its benefits. The population is; as if he lived “rent”, but, however, destined to be consumed quickly. In fact, the italians are always più fat 45.9% (+0,5% in 2010 compared to 2000),  più elderly (those over 75 years are 10% of the population) and più are sick of chronic diseases.


The crisis also means uncertainty and this affects the psyche. Here, then, is the increase of the disorders. Increases in così the use of antidepressants, the consumption of which in the last ten years is increased by four times (8,18 daily doses per thousand inhabitants in 2000 to 35,72 in 2010).

The recent incidents of suicide are a bad signal. It is true that Italy is still among the countries with the lowest risk, but in the last year taken into account by the report, the phenomenon is growing (3.733 cases).

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it should then Be taking into account the risk of a higher consumption of alcohol and drugs, which could increase the mortalityà.


Certainly, the reduction of the health costs makes the situation worse. “The latest maneuvers of economic – says Walter Ricciardi, director of Osservasalute – have led to the downsizing of the levels of financing of health care già by 2012, the introduction of additional tickets, a drastic cuts in transfers to Regions and municipalità of the funds on disabilityà, the child and other aspects which affect our health”.

C’è then to keep account of the waste that is certainly the spending cuts do not solve. There are still many medical interventions are inappropriate, the waiting lists lengthen and the care will not improve.

with regard To the expenditure, our health care system in 2010, closed with a red 2.325 billion euros. Italy spends less than Germany, France and Great Britain even though it still remains aligned to the average of the Oecd Countries.